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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another person or corporate entity, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Of utmost importance is to not give a recorded statement to the insurance agent or sign any documents until you have had the opportunity to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might be facing months of medical treatment and time away from work. It is our goal to recover monetary compensation for your injuries and ensure the stability of your financial future.

Experience Matters with a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Law Office of Troy M. Moore, PLLC, our Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer has extensive experience guiding clients through the legal process. The pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of income, payment of medical bills and repairing property damage can put a serious strain on a family’s finances. We will explore every legal avenue to recover the full and fair monetary compensation you are owed.  Get the best personal injury attorney for your insurance claim accident.

Mr. Moore has 20 years of experience as a Car Accident Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney.

We Know How to Attack the Evil Insurance Companies!

As above, insurance companies are truly inherently evil when it comes to how they deal with insurance claims against their drivers who broke the law and endangered the community in which we all live.  Do not accept the scraps offered by an insurance agent for the lost wages, pain and suffering, physical therapy, and endless mental torment from your personal injury.  We know how to stare down the insurance company and force them to pay what our clients deserve — it’s either that, or we take your case to trial.  

Having a Trial Attorney Matters to the Insurance Agent

Mr. Moore is an experienced trial attorney that will take any case to trial.  Many injury attorneys will sign up a case with no intention on ever taking the case to trial should it come to that.  What this translates to for the client is a smaller settlement at less favorable terms.  You only get ONE BITE AT THE APPLE, so make sure you hire a trial attorney that will take your case to Court.

The Statue of Limitations for a Personal Injury Lawsuit is Two Years

The lawsuit against the Defendant must be filed within two years of the date of the accident, or the right to do so is forever lost.  Trial injury attorneys know this and that two years goes away a lot faster than you think.  Personal injury law always has a two year statute of limitations.

 Our Practice Areas for Personal Injury Include the Following:

Our law firm provides legal advice and representation to clients throughout Texas who are facing a wide range of personal injury lawsuits.  

  • Car wrecks
    • Get a Houston car accident lawyer who is a trial attorney with exceptional skills in the courtroom.  Car accident injuries from a car crash are serious business, and when you are injured in a car, it is not as easy to repair yourself like it is a car in a repair shop.  Car accident claims need a Houston car accident lawyer who is a super lawyer for your car accident case.
    • A car accident attorney needs to know all the particulars of how the state law works for traffic laws.  Hire the best personal injury lawyer for your car wreck case.
  • Truck crashes & 18 Wheeler Accidents
    • 18 wheeler accidents cause indescribable damage to passenger vehicles and their occupants upon impact.  The injuries last a lifetime and can often end up in fatalities.  Many trucking accidents involve distracted drivers who have been known for watching movies on iPads or other tables so as to not to register on their cell phones while driving.
    • Click the link above to visit our page to learn more about our representation of injured clients from commercial trucking accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents
    • Motorcycle riders are completely exposed while on the road.  Any motorcycle accident attorney knows that special concerns are required in motorcycle crash cases.  Contrary to most people’s opinions, the motorcyclist is normally not at fault.  So often times nowadays, young drivers do not pay attention due to distraction from electronic devices or just flat out inattention.
  • Distracted driving accidents
    • Cell phone accidents are the main cause of auto accidents in Houston, Texas today.  Studies show a distracted driver is more dangerous than a drunk driver.  Our office has vast experience with handling distracted driving cases.
  • Dog Bite claims and lawsuits
    • Dangerous dogs leave devastating injuries for their victims.  Dog bites lawsuits need an excellent dog bite lawyer.  Find out more information today by calling our office to find out about financial compensation for your dog bite lawsuit.
  • Premises Liability cases
    • Owners of property must warn their guests of dangerous conditions on the premises.  If a guest  is not warned of a dangerous condition, then the owner or operator of the premises is civilly responsible for damages from the personal injuries suffered by the guest.  The guest is also known as an invitee.
  • Slip and fall cases
    • Once a substance has been on the floor long enough, an owner or operator of a premises must warn guests of the dangerous condition.  When the owner gives no warning, Texas state law requires owner responsibility for the slip and fall personal injury.
  • Deceptive Trade Practices Act
  • Engineering malpractice claims
  • Refinery explosions
  • Products liability claims
  • Nursing home injuries and death claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Birth defects caused by antidepressants
  • Insurance litigation
  • Gadolinium claims

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We will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier, on your behalf, to reach a beneficial settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, we are confident in our ability to represent you in court. Do not hesitate to Contact our firm to discuss your unique situation in greater detail.