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Administration Of Estates In Houston

If a deceased individual left a will, his or her property will be divided up accordingly and distributed by the executor that is appointed. In cases where the deceased did not leave a will and the matter has gone through heirship, an administrator of estate will be appointed to oversee the distribution of the deceased’s property and estate.

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At Law Office of Troy M. Moore, PLLC, we provide representation to individuals who have been appointed to this task, guiding them through the legal process and assisting them in the distribution of property and assets. The estate administrator has the same rights and responsibilities as an executor. The obligations of fiduciary duty can be overwhelming for most individuals, many of whom have never been involved in such proceedings. We advise them throughout the process, easing the burden.Houston Estate Administration Lawyers — Representation To Administrators Of Estates And Executors

The administrator or executor of an estate must ensure that heirs and beneficiaries receive the property they have been granted by the court, notifying each. He or she must also resolve obligations associated with the estate, including posting necessary bonds, notifying creditors of the death, paying any unlawful debts and handling any outstanding issues.

He or she must take control of the assets, opening an estate bank account to use in distributing assets and paying creditors. It is also usually necessary to open a federal tax identification for the estate to ensure that no penalties are incurred. The administrator must ensure that titles on any real estate pass to the correct beneficiary or heir.

With so many fiduciary duties and responsibilities, it is important that you have legal guidance through each step to protect your own interests. You can trust our skill and experience to assist you throughout this time.


To learn more about how our attorneys can assist you in your fiduciary duty as the estate administrator or executor, please contact our Houston, Texas, law firm today at 281-970-8039.